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Join us for our live broadcasts on the second Saturday of each month at 1 pm Eastern on our Telegram channel.

(Subtitles are available for each broadcast through the video menu.)

Supernatural Saturday – Food Multiplication
Elijah Streams May 6th, 2022
Elijah Streams March 8, 2022
Supernatural Saturday – The Court of Heaven
Supernatural Saturday – Emotional Healing
Power & Authority for Miracles and Healing
Everything You Wanted to Know about Healing and Miracles
Praying Medic & Brian Fenimore – Deliverance
Activating Your Spiritual Senses
Power for Miracles
Traveling in the Spirit with Shaun Tabatt


Where Do Dreams Come From?
Praying Medic & Brian Fenimore on Healing

Can Dreams Reveal the Future?
Spiritual Question and Answer
When You Are Not Healed

Face to Face Appearances From Jesus
How God Speaks Through Music

How God Speaks Through-Dreams

Spiritual Warfare 101

 3 Gifts of the Spirit

Is It God Or Is It Me?

My Testimony of Hearing God’s Voice

How God Speaks Through Film

What is Faith?

Faith and Hearing God’s Voice

How God Speaks Through Art

Myths & Misconceptions About Hearing God’s Voice

The Word of Knowledge


That Time I met God the Father

The Greatest of These

You Are God’s Favorite Kid

The Not So Audible Voice of God

Emotional Healing

Keeping Your Healing

What You Avoid Limits Your Growth

Hearing God’s Voice – Be Still

A Strategy for Healing Cancer

The Future of Healing

Is God Still Speaking?

Recording the Testimony

How God Speaks Through Nature

Street Healing

The Gift of Prophecy

Healing – A Gift and a Tool for Evangelism

Healing in the Workplace

God Speaks to Everyone

How God Speaks Through Emotions

God’s Presence

Power for Miracles

God’s Plan For Healthcare

Healing 101

Overcoming Fear

Alters Fragments and Sexual Spirits

Emotional Healing and Deliverance with Steve Harmon

On Being a Church Dropout

Healed of Bipolar

A Life of Miracles

Behind the Scenes at the Sid Roth Show

Faith for the Miraculous

Our Relationship With God

Supernatural Mentoring

Traveling in the Spirit
Reforming Your Inner Mean Girl

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