Time Alteration on the Way to Work

Time Alteration on the Way to Work

This testimony was published with the author’s permission.

It started a year earlier with a word I heard the Lord say on my way to work: “If you drive the speed limit I will transport you.”
I thought to myself, “way cool” and I drove the speed limit for 5 months and then thought I somehow missed it and gave up.

Eight months later they closed the road that is my main route to work for repairs. My new route went through three little towns. Over the course of many months, I drove through them enough times to memorize all the speed limit signs and when they changed from one to another. An example is Milford, Indiana. The highway outside of town has a speed limit of 55 then as you approach the town, it’s reduced to 45 and in town, it’s 35. It takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to work following this route.

A morning came when I overslept and knew I was hopelessly going to be late. I couldn’t even go way over the speed limit and make it to work on time, so I had this word come to me again. This is now a year later. I thought what the heck… why not? So I watched the signs dogmatically. On my way, I experienced things I had never experienced. Probably because it was a little later than normal.

I was stopped two times for a school bus loading kids. As I was entering Milford, I saw the 45-speed limit sign and kept driving but I didn’t see the 35 mph sign, I started to wonder where it was then looked around me realized I was in Leesburg which is the next town down the road.

Just out of Leesburg is a traffic light and I hit it red. In my mind, I thought the words “I am so not going to make it on time.” I started to speak it and the words that came out of my mouth were, “I am so going to make it on time.” Shocked me when it came out but I just laughed. When I got to work, I was two minutes early. Thank you, Jesus!

I realized later that it had nothing to do with obeying the speed limit sign. The only way I would know that I was transported about 6 miles was the absence of the 35 mph signs. If I wasn’t paying so much attention to the signs, I would never have known it happened.

Interestingly, I had another transport: Me and my car two weeks ago. In short, I was going to work again on my standard route. I was leaving Mishawaka crossing Dragoon road. There’s a new gas station on the corner and I wanted to see the price of gas there to compare it to other gas stations about a mile down the road. You go up a big hill to get to them. There are two gas stations, a big department store, the Dollar store, McDonald’s, and you drive over an overpass and hit a flashing red light about another mile down the road.

When I was crossing Dragoon Road, starting up the hill, I turned around to see the gas price quickly and when I turned back around, I was driving on the road miles down the highway just coming into a small town. I was confused for a moment because I never saw all the stuff I just told you I would be passing and I don’t even remember driving up the hill.

I realized I was transported again and I started to praise God and get happy for his surprises and help. I thought Jesus just did this for my excitement and joy but about 5 miles down the road were a lot of lights flashing and the road was closed. There was a big detour I had to take to get back on track to work. Normally, I would have been late but instead, because God transported me supernaturally, I was five minutes early.

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