Are You Authorized?

I had a dream where Jesus came to the church to check the credentials of people who were teaching about God. Those who were teaching without being authorized by Him were in trouble. His primary concern was authorization.  A secondary issue was the content people were...

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Power and Authority for Healing

Most of us have been taught that healing comes when we ask God to heal someone who is sick or injured. We pray and God hears our prayer and based on His knowledge of the situation He decides to either heal them or not. If this is how you believe healing takes place, I...

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The Orphan Spirit—A Dream

One afternoon my wife and I watched a Bethel video featuring Bill Johnson, who spoke on subject of the orphan spirit. It was a good message, but apparently the Holy Spirit wasn't done speaking when I turned the video off. The message continued into my dreams. That...

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The Poverty Spirit

In Matthew 17, there is a record of the disciples trying to cast an evil spirit out of a boy. After they failed, they brought the boy to Jesus who removed the demon and healed the boy. Later, when the disciples asked why they were unable to remove the demon, Jesus...

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Time Alteration on the Way to Work

This testimony was published with the author's permission. It started a year earlier with a word I heard the Lord say on my way to work: "If you drive the speed limit I will transport you." I thought to myself, "way cool" and I drove the speed limit for 5 months and...

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A Crash Course in Self-Healing

  I'm often asked if we can heal ourselves, or do we need to have someone pray for us to be healed. Since there aren’t clear examples in the Bible of self-healing, I’d like to share a personal experience: One night, as I went to bed, I developed sudden pain in my...

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When a Spirit Interferes with Your Divine Destiny

This is an email exchange between myself and a friend named Anne Marie who asked for advice about ridding herself of chronic pain. She gave me permission to share her story. On March 5th, 2018, Anne Marie wrote: I have been soaking up as much wisdom and knowledge as I...

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The Dawn of the Next Great Awakening

On the morning of April 22nd, 2018, I had the following dream that speaks of the next great awakening: In the dream, I knew that Jesus was present although I didn't see Him. (I rarely see him in dreams. When He is present, I simply know that He's there.) I watched as...

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