This is an email exchange between myself and a friend named Anne Marie who asked for advice about ridding herself of chronic pain. She gave me permission to share her story.

On March 5th, 2018, Anne Marie wrote:

I have been soaking up as much wisdom and knowledge as I can through your facebook, mp3 and Yutube teachings, and books. I am also planning to take your on-line course very soon. I am trying to walk further into the gifts of seeing in the spirit, discernment, words of knowledge and healing. I know that I am also purposed to write books and primarily those meant to walk others through emotional healing. After a few years of traumatic experiences, I know that I was healed emotionally in many areas. I am currently seeking healing for a neck injury that happened two years ago, but pain did not manifest for the first six months until I was stepping further into hearing/seeing more in the spirit and taking strides to write and begin my ministry.

It seems when I am doing anything related to the call on my life, my left neck experiences this pain. It also flairs up every time we are nearing breakthrough on our finances which has been an endless attack. I feel like I am the person you have described in a few teachings that gets healing (specifically for this injury) for a very brief period and then it returns and the same is for our finances. As of 2017, the seventh year and the year it was prophesied by many that would bring breakthrough in finances… I feel as if we get to a place where it’s happening and then we hit a wall again.

I have been doing my best to learn about the courts of Heaven through your teachings and some that you have recommended. I tried going to the courts in the spirit tonight and found myself sitting in the courtroom. When I stood and went over anything I could think of or anything that came to mind, I heard it was wiped clean. I saw the pages clear as if they were being washed over. An angel was standing and pouring something over the pages to wash everything away. Then I felt as if the courtroom filled with water and I submerged myself. I wasn’t scared, it was almost peaceful, but then I heard a voice of warning regarding an Octopus. The scene ended and I wasn’t sure what my next step should be. I would truly appreciate any of your time that you would be able to give in a response. This is a question as to what that could mean and what should my next step be and it is also a prayer request for healing and breakthrough.

Thank you for your consideration, prayer and time.

Anne Marie

On Apr 14th, I wrote:

Hi, Anne Marie. Thanks for writing me.
I do not believe you have an actual injury. Since the pain in your neck manifested months later, and then again when you attempted to walk in your calling, it is certain to be a spirit of pain that is afflicting you. You need to make a stand against it. Command it to leave and keep commanding it to go until it does. If it returns, tell it to leave again.



On June 1st, Anne Marie wrote:


Thank you so much for your reply! I have waited a bit to respond, although I wanted to right away. I wanted to actually see that my pain had left and when it tried to return, that it continued to be easily rebuked and commanded to leave. It has!!!

After writing to you on March 5, 2018, I went into my quiet time with the Lord. As I did, I went into a vision that I felt very much part of. It was not the typical movie in my mind’s eye, it was as if I were actually in the vision and walking through all that I am about to describe.

In the vision I found myself walking up the walkway to a home, I rang the doorbell and stood to see who answered. Surprisingly it was you who answered the door and invited me in. I told you what was happening and asked if you would pray over me. You asked me to take a seat on the sofa. Your wife walked in and greeted me just a few minutes later. She sat to my left, catty-corned from me on a loveseat. You sat down to my right in the center of the sofa. Your wife asked to lay hands on me as you prayed. This lasted a few minutes. As you finished praying both of you told me that I was healed and would no longer experience this pain. I was shown to the door and I left on the path I arrived on.

As I came out of this vision, I truly felt as if I had just visited with the two of you. I went on to listen to worship and journal in my quiet time and didn’t think again about it. A week or so later, I thought to myself, “Wow, I haven’t had any pain this week in my neck.” It took me by surprise to realize this and think back to the vision I had. Time passed and the pain only tried to return a few times. I immediately rebuked it and commanded it to leave. It left instantaneously. A couple weeks later, I received your reply and following your advice and have continued to rebuke it when it seems to return. It always immediately leaves. The pain is gone before it even begins to bother me. It’s as if I feel a click or a pinch like I used to before it would stiffen and begin to ache for hours. It is gone before the stiffening and aching is able to manifest. The amount of times it has tried to return have been minimal and decreasing over time. It used to occur almost daily.

Thank you so much for your teachings, as I have learned a great deal from your videos, mp3 recordings and books. Thank you for recognizing that it was not an injury and your for your advice in rebuking the spirit of pain. I also feel as if I need to thank you and your wife’s spirits for praying over my neck in the vision that morning.

I have received so much healing in the past from emotional trauma (due to the loss of my Dad in a car accident that I witnessed and during my husband’s clinical depression and fall in our marriage) that my deepest desire is to be able to bring others healing. Not only through my testimony but by praying over them as well and giving them hope in the power of God’s healing touch. I look forward to signing up for your healing e-course very soon. Again, I appreciate your time and encouragement.


Anne Marie Molster

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