On the morning of April 22nd, 2018, I had the following dream that speaks of the next great awakening:

In the dream, I knew that Jesus was present although I didn’t see Him. (I rarely see him in dreams. When He is present, I simply know that He’s there.) I watched as one person after another met with Him, privately. Each person held a document in their hands which they had created during their time on earth. The documents were legally binding rulings. I knew that the rulings had been based on poor understandings of God, wrong motives, and misguided intentions. The rulings had an effect on earth that was mostly negative. The people knew they had made mistakes and they regretted them. Jesus told them the time had come to reverse the rulings.

With some people, I saw that he simply reversed their ruling. That had the effect of changing on earth the laws, organizations, and institutions they had created. Some rulings were so poorly thought out that He did not reverse them. He completely nullified the ruling. In these cases, he tore up their document. I saw on earth entire buildings disappear. I knew that the buildings represented the laws, institutions and organizations that had been created by the rulings.

That was the end of the dream. As I prayed about it, God gave me further understanding.

The laws, institutions and organizations that have negative effects on society exist because we allow them to. We’ve collectively come into agreement with people who have had wrong motives and an incorrect understanding of God’s will.

We are now at a point in our development as a society where we can collectively come out of agreement with those beliefs systems and ideologies. If and when we do, it will allow God to destroy the things that were created by them. When that happens, our society will undergo dramatic, foundational changes. We will experience a renaissance—or great awakening if you prefer.

This can only happen if we allow it. God won’t overrule our free will. We can choose to keep living the way we have or we can reject the flawed ways of thinking that have created our current problems. We can agree with God’s will and His plan for our future. If we do, 2018 and every year after, will be more glorious than we can imagine.

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